Bringing a Voice to Your Assets: Maximizing Value to Avoid Waste

Historically, Asset Lifecycle Management tools like HxGN/Infor EAM, GIS, SCADA, etc., were used to manage the execution (track cost, schedule and resources) of Asset Management. However, organizational needs are expanding the mandate. They require assurances that the investments they make in their assets will drive toward the organization’s strategic goals, improve resource utilization and capacity planning and improve visibility, collaboration and oversight of their assets. Asset Lifecycle Management has evolved into a collection of tools and processes that operate within and across organizational layers. In this session we explored HxGN EAM’s focus on the collaboration and sharing of information related to executing asset management strategies. Do your assets have a voice? Yes, they do, the data collected is the voice, and HxGN EAM translates their voice to a common language for you to make optimal decisions.


Johnny Bofilios (Accenture)